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Reed Neray
31 July 1984
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thank you jennxic0ns from greatest journal for the "i love sex" icon!

Meg, aka musicmeg thanks for making me the icons with Josh Kelley that says "Guitar is life" and "i love guitar"!

Dave Matthews Band is sweet love.

(BR><(BR>(small>(b>(a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/messofmemories">Boys With Guitars are Passionate Love.(/a>(/b>(/small>

thank you messofmemories for the Boys with Guitars colorbar in my info

thank you _created for my icon, sucker for anything acoustic

Rent is Measured Love.

thank you
unlimited_ for the RENT Colorbar...

Jason Mraz is geeky love.

Life is better in acoustic.

thanks wheresthelove for the Jason Mraz and acoustic guitar colorbars- SO HOT!

Ryan Cabrera is Love

John Mayer is Love

_rivas_graphics for the John Mayer and Ryan Cabrera colorbars! :-)

Tyler Hilton is Love

thanks k_clarkson24 for the tyler hilton colorbar

The Doctors of ER are love.

Maroon 5 is sexual love.

muchas gracias to bonmoustache for the HOT maroon 5 colorbar

Strawberries are delicious Summertime love.

thanks girlygirlk8e for the tyler hilton colorbar. i heart guitar players!

credit goes to laney895 for my Jimmy Fallon icon. Thanks!

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